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Where every bite of bread is a little bit of tropical sunshine and cool breezes!

    Original Cornbread

    Sweet vanilla flavor and buttery goodness !

                                                                                                                                                                                     Pineapple Cornbread                                                                                                                                   So fresh and good, it's like an island paradise !                                                                         


       Coconut Cornbread                                                                                                                                              So sweet and fresh, it just fell off the tree!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chocolate Cornbread                                  Deep rich mysterious goodness !                                                                     


  Jalapeno and Sweet Red Pepper Cornbread

    Hot and colorful with a touch of sweetness, jalapeno and sweet red peppers,it's like experiencing  carnival on a beautiful island !

Each fresh Caribbean cornbread is a 9 inch round loaf that weights 2 pounds each !

Prices of Original Vanilla Flavor cornbread and Lemon Flavor Cornbread is $12.99

Prices of Gourmet Flavors Cornbread is $14.99                        

Gourmet Flavors are Pineapple, Coconut, Chocolate, Jalapeno and Sweet Red pepper  Cornbread!

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Caribbean Cornbread

All Caribbean cornbread are made to order, to insure freshness it takes one to three days to process!

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Thank you for your business !  Have a good day !

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If you live in Dutchess  County in New York State, in the towns of Beacon, Fishkill ,and Wappingers, we will deliver to your home or business  for free . Please order by phone for shipping fee savings ! The phone number is (845) 764- 7986

Lemon Cornbread            So bright it's lemon sunshine !

Slices of Jalapeno and Sweet Red Pepper Cornbread

Original Vanilla Cornbread

Slices of Coconut Cornbread

Pineapple Cornbread

My cornbread is made of organic and non g.m.o flours and cornmeal. Also, i use non aluminum baking powder. All my cornbread are made with organic cage free eggs, sweet cream butter, and real whole milk. I use fresh fruits for my pineapple cornbread and coconut cornbread.I use fresh vegetables for my jalapeno and sweet red pepper cornbread.The cornbread is bake with a cake like texture as if from a bakery. If you buy the coconut , chocolate, or pineapple bread it makes a great dessert. 


Slices of Chocolate Cornbread

Chocolate Cornbread

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Nay's Caribbean Cornbread
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Caribbean Cornbread
Caribbean Cornbread
Caribbean Cornbread